Hall of Fame

Oklahoma University Rugby enshrined its inaugural class of Hall of Famers Friday, March 11, 2011 in the Hall of Fame room at the Al Velie Rugby Complex Clubhouse on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.

Jon Velie, OU’s Director of Rugby said, “This is an important moment for Oklahoma Rugby. To establish a Hall of Fame and induct an incredible set of champions of the sport of rugby is important and a moving experience. Establishing this event this year is made even more significant with Oklahoma’s inclusion in the inaugural season of the Collegiate Premier Division, a competition of the best rugby universities in America and inclusion in NBC’s USA Collegiate Rugby 7s Championship this summer. College Premier Division players and coaches from around the country will visit one of the nation’s finest and oldest rugby clubhouses during this and future seasons. Installation of the Hall of Fame will show the depth of the rugby tradition we have enjoyed at Oklahoma.”

Head Coach Kenneth Forehand states, the Hall of Fame provides that bridge between the rich tradition of Oklahoma’s rugby past and the future success of today’s student athletes.”

Taylor Mokate, OU’s captain and current All-American and USA National Team player will likely be a future member of the Hall. Taylor says, “We hope someday to fill the shoes of the Oklahoma greats that came before us. It was an honor to watch them receive their Hall of Fame jackets for their stellar rugby careers.”

The Oklahoma Rugby Hall of Fame Class of 2011 is as follows: Al Velie, Tim ‘Tarzan’ Wilson, Jon Woods, Gary Tresemer, Larry Naifeh, Michelle Corr, David Jenkinson, Doug Neubauer, Moira Redcorn, and Tyson Meek.

                                                                                        1957-1975. Scrum-half. Inducted 2011
                                                                                        The father of rugby in Oklahoma
                                                                                        Founder, Oklahoma Rugby Football Club,

                                                                                        Club sponsor since inception
                                                                                        Played rugby in four decades.
                                                                                        Member of Harvard RFC, Peninsula Ramblers

                                                                                             and Palo Alto RFC (founding member).
                                                                                        Tours: Bermuda, first OURFC tour to Mardi Gras
                                                                                        Inspiration for Al Velie Award, Al Velie Cup,

                                                                                             and Al Velie Rugby Complex
                                                                                        Saved the Pitch from being paved the first time.

1974- Present. Flanker. Inducted 2011
Founder, Oklahoma Rugby Football Club
The soul of rugby in Oklahoma
Has played rugby every year of the club’s existence
Holds record for most tries ever scored by an OU rugby player
Holds record for most years playing A side rugby for OU.
Holds record for most matches played for OU
Western USA, Ozark representative
Founding Member, Player of the Ozark Rugby Union
Member of Ft. Smith RFC
Coach: OURFC, Norman Colts
Tours: France
Inspiration for Tarzan Award, Tarzan Pitch


                                                                                       1974-1986. Number 8, Lock. Inducted 2011
                                                                                       Founder, Oklahoma Rugby Football Club
                                                                                       First Captain, OURFC
                                                                                       Scored first points on OU pitch
                                                                                       Member, Dartmouth College, Ivy League Champions 1971, 1972
                                                                                       Heart of American and Ozark Union representative
                                                                                       Tours: Ireland, England, OU’s first tour to Mardi Gras
                                                                                       Owner of “Arrow” OU’s first mascot 

1974-1985. Center. Inducted 2011
“OU’s Best Player”
Founding Member Oklahoma Rugby Football Club
US Eagles trialist, Western USA, USA Rugby East,

Ozark Union representative
Member, Old No. 7, RFC.

1974- Present. Fly-half. Inducted 2011
Team America 1993, World Rugby Classic. International Matches vs. New Zealand,

France, Australia, England
Captain Western USA 1981-1988, US Eagles Trialist (XV and VII)
Founding member of Oklahoma University Rugby Football Club (played in first

Captain of OU’s most successful teams (15s and 7s)
Captain of most tournament championships and most wins in OURFC history

(15s & 7s)
Tours (Player, Captain, Coach) – New Zealand (3), Australia, England (3), France,

Scotland (2), Bermuda, Canada (3), VanCanada, Bahamas
Coach of the U.S. Western Territory Rugby Team to eight (8) National

Championships National Team Coach for the Collegiate All-Americans winning tour

of South Africa
Assistant Coach Collegiate All-American Team
Assistant Coach for USA National Team – USA vs. France
Assistant Coach for USA Junior Eagles – New Zealand Tour, Canada, USA
National Selector, USA Eagles – two World Cup selections
National Selector USA Collegiate All-American Team
Founding Member, Player, Officer of the Ozark Rugby Union

                                                                           MICHELLE CORR
                                                                           1979- Present. Hooker. Inducted 2011
                                                                            Western USA representative, US Eagles Trialist, 1992, 1993, 1994 (XV and VII)
                                                                            Pioneer of Rugby. No one has created more rugby than Michelle Corr.
                                                                            Founder, Oklahoma Roses 1979
                                                                            Revived Roses, 1990
                                                                            Founder, Oklahoma State Women’s Rugby 1983
                                                                            First Coach, Norman Colts 2000
                                                                            OU Roses Assistant Coach
                                                                            Tours: France, England, Saranac Lake

1981 – 1992. Center. Inducted 2011
OU’s First USA National Team Player: Internationals v. Canada (2), Japan,
USA National Sevens International Tournaments: Hong Kong Sevens, Sydney Sevens
USA Cougars Tour to Kelso Sevens (Scotland) and London Sevens (England)
Member: Public Schools Wanderers, England
Western USA and Ozark representative
Member: Tulsa RFC

1981 – 1987. Prop, Lock, Flanker, Number 8. Inducted 2011
OU’s first three time All-American 1985, 1986, 1987. International v. Holland (1987, First All-American game since 1924)
Biggest Hit of the Match: All-Americans v. Holland, Rugby Magazine, June, 1987.
Member: Dallas Harlequins, Final Four Team 1991, 1992
US Eagles Trialist
Western USA, Ozark Union, Florida Union, Texas Union Representative
Tours: Bahamas, Canada, Australia, Scotland/Ireland
Head Coach: Texas Collegiate All-Stars, Texas U-17 All-Stars, Florida Collegiate All-Stars, Miami Tridents, Dallas Reds, Alliance Rugby Club.
Coached Dallas Reds to USA Rugby National 7’s Championship Final 1993
Texas High School Club Coach of the Year, 2010
State Champions, Texas High School with Alliance 2009, 2007
Founder Alliance Rugby Club and Florida International University Rugby Club

1986-2004. Hooker, Flanker. Inducted 2011
First OU Rose selected to the USA Rugby National Team, “The Eagles”
Atlantis International invitation side, Cape Fear
Western USA, Ozark Representative
MVP Albuquerque High Desert Classic 1998
Winner Ivy League Championship with Dartmouth College 1986, 1987, 1988
Coach Dartmouth 1994, 1997, 1999

1991- Present. Scrum-half. Inducted 2011.
USA National Team: Internationals v. Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and Cayman Islands
USA National Team Sevens: International Tournaments – Wellington (2), USA (2), Hong Kong, Singapore, Cayman Islands
Atlantis International Sevens: International Tournaments – Singapore (2), Cayman Islands
USA All-American 2004, Internationals v. Canada (2)
OU First USA High School All-American 1998 – International Tour to New Zealand (7 matches)
USA Hawks North American Four Series – 2006 & 2007
USA Falcons North American Four Series – 2008
International Clubs – Upper Hutt RFC (Wellington, NZ) – 2004, Stoke RFC (Nelson, NZ) – 2005
Professional Rugby Career: Weston-Super-Mare (England -2005), Nottingham RFC (England -2006/07) La Vila Rugby Club RFC (Spain – 2008/09).
Founder, Norman Colts High School Rugby Team, 1999.
Youngest player to play for OURFC at 11 years of age.

The Oklahoma Rugby Hall of Fame 2011 Class

Back Row: Gary Tresemer, Moira Redcorn, Larry Naifeh, Tyson Meek, David Jenkinson, Doug Neubauer Front Row: Al Velie, (Tim ‘Tarzan’ Wilson not pictured), Michelle Corr, John Woods